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The farm?


Hello looking for a story.

Man find out his girlfriend is cheating so he goes back to his hometown. Goes on a canoe ride and meets a girl. Girl hates her home dude to a cheating sister in law. Her brother is in the military currently and doesn't know.

Man and girl get together and slowly build a resort or camping area. I want to say the title is something along the lines of "the farm". That is about all I can remember. Thanks for the help!


The premise sounds like one of SW MO Hermit's stories. You might want to look thru his offerings.

Ernest Bywater

I'm sure it is one of his stories, just not sure if it's one of the Steelville stories or one of the Prineville stories - although I lean to it being a Steelville story - and it has something to do with boat rentals as well.


Love and Inheritance by SW MO Hermit


SW MO Hermit
Return to the Land


I was wrong, Love is not the one


Thanks for all the help guys!

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