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Students making a movie


Quite some time back I read a story about some students making a movie. the movie name was (if I remember Correctly) "Charlotte's Movie". I seem to have lost trace of it. Can anyone trace it. Thanlks in advance


The story "Charlotte's Movie" has been pulled from the site.

The PG version, "A Beautiful Mess" is still available. The author is Ken Randall.


Just my personal preferences, but I think "a Beautiful Mess" is a better read. :)

Replies:   richardshagrin


Mess is shorter and less focus on sexual intercourse. Depends on what you like in a story, which story is "better." Movie came first and lots of people didn't feel like they needed to read the same general plot over again when Mess was posted.

I am trying hard not to use the initials. CM would work for Charlotte's Movie. Not initials for Beautiful Mess.

My recollection is the Movie had a slightly lower score than Mess. That doesn't mean one of them is better than the other. Hopefully, authors get better with experience. I would suspect based on which one the author left posted, he probably prefers Beautiful Mess. From strictly a title standpoint, using Mess to describe a story is not the best publicity I could think of. Why not Beautiful Movie, if only two words are wanted?


Thanks a lot. I will try to read 'A beautiful mess"

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