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Publicly embarrassed by his girlfriend at a dance/auction


The MC of a story took his girlfriend to a dance. There was an auction, in which girls were expected to bid on boys; the details of why are too foggy for me to remember; maybe a benefit. In any event, his girlfriend public embarrassed him by declining to bid (or may it was to underbid) for him at the dance. I believe they were probably in high school.
The details provided above are from a dim memory, and may not be precisely as I described.
Anybody know the name of the story?


This is a scene from the "Stupid Boy" series by G Younger where David, the MC, is stood up by his girlfriend, Tracy, who is supposed to bid on him at the Band auction.

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Wow! It took you a whole 16 minutes to read my query, draft and write your response and send it.
Thank you very much.

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