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Story disappeared off front page


I saw a story that I wanted to look at that popped up as updated on the front page. I came back later and accidently refreshed the page and it was gone. It mentioned a guy went into stasis and something happened and woke up hundreds of years in the future.

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Sounds like one of Ka Hmnd's stories, but with out more details it would be almost impossible to narrow it down. His page on SOL is as follows:

All of the story links on the front page I believe are taken from the author's page with descriptions.

awnlee jawking


Could it have been the 'random' story?




Author: expresso42
Story: Future Perfect
Synopsis: Mark Halliwell is a womanising research scientist whose experiments with stasis go awry, and he wakes up 200 years into the future. The idyllic civilisation in which he suddenly finds himself soon turns sour and he is forced into a conflict that will threaten the very fabric of their society.


Thanks! That is it. I guess it was a random. Usually those are at the top and this was buried between actual updates.

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