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Lost Sci-Fi - Maintenance/Tech as MC


I've been looking for an older story I read on Literotica some time ago. Here's what I remember:

- Humans have some form of alliance with another race.
- The MC is a human on a base mostly with their allied aliens (who speak little or no English/Human.
- One of the female aliens decides to pursue the MC.
- This story was (at the time) a one-shot (no series).

I tried searching Literotica's Sci-Fi section with various terms (language, maintenance, technician), and went back through 2013, but was unable to locate anything that seemed to be this story. Of course, it could be gone. Or I could have missed it, which is more likely. I'm hoping someone here might know of the story. It was well written, so I expect it would have a score of at least 4.5.

Thanks in advance.


"The Subjugation" can be found here http://www.weavespinner.net/worlds_of_fel.htm

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Thanks, but that isn't it. Earth isn't conquered in the story I'm looking for.

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