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Time Travel


Looking for a couple of stories. Any help will be much appreciated.

1. The main person is in control of an obscure naval base developing special boats for Seals. The whole base is bounced back to the start of the revolution in the States where they discover another time traveller has been managing the killing of the leaders of the revolution. They intervene!

2. The main hero is the protector of a small group that are sent back in time. They are attacked and the lead of the group is killed. The protector takes over, and they slowly discover that instead of being back in earth's history, they are on another world (also early in its history) They then discover that the organisation that sent them back is trying to set up as a dictatorship. The main part of the story is about how they combat this by organisinhg the local tribes.


2 Sounds like "Gateway - What Lies Beyond" by The Blind Man.


The first one is 'Winds of Change' by the Scott.



I kinda wished in winds of change a better explanation of how they were sent back was given


Thanks very much!

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