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help find mom daughter dog story


now my memory might not be a 100% but here goes.

daughter loves to run around a play(not sex) with dog.
one day the dog is horney and the girl is not wearing panties, the dog jumps on girl and fuck her doggystyle.

daughter screams because it Hurts.
mom comes to help, but freezes when she sees her daughter is getting fucked by the dog.
mom gets really horny, hides while watching and masturbating.

when the dog is done cumming in the daughter, the mom finally helps the daughter to a bath.

in the bath the mom sees the dogcum dripping from the pussy and cant help herself, she tells her daughter that she needs to clean her pussy and puts soap on the daughters face, so she cant see while the mom licks and sucks out the dogcum.

hope you can help.

best regards

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