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Looking for a couple of stories. Thnx


Hello I'm looking for a couple of stories. I think they were on here but I'm not quite sure.

-A shy guy is stuck at home with a bunch of girls who tease him until he flips on them and sexually punishes them.
- A group of friends skip school and are stopped by a stranger who puts a curse on them and makes them have to preform a sexual act at least once a week.
- A guy decides to throw a party and at the end he has to basically rape his two friends so a guy who was blackmailing them would hand over the videos he had on them.

That's the best descriptions I can give. Thanks in advance :)

Replies:   Keet


have to preform a

The dreaded 'preform' vs 'perform' mistype. Not a big deal in the forum here but I hate that particular error in stories.

Strangely enough none of the three stories you are trying to find ring a bell to me.


The second story you are looking for is:

The Consequences and Rewards of Playing Hooky by mcguy101 here on SoL.

Derek's four Cheerleader classmates make a mistake and pay a steep penalty. This punishment inadvertently, leaves him in complete control of their minds and bodies for at least the next six months. The problem is that Derek has conditions of his own that he needs to meet that will complicate his life.


Here are the links to the second story:



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