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Mind-Control Super-Powers


10+ year old story.

15-30 chapters.

I think the title had 'absolute', 'power', or 'gift' in the title. But I'm not 100% certain on that.

The MC (main character) is 35-40 years old MALE. Married with a teenage son and daughter. One day he stumbles upon something that gives him mind-control or super-powers.

There's a few rules involved. The only rule I remember is that he can't kill all the humans on the planet. He has to keep X amount alive (Like in the 3rd Matrix movie where NEO has to choose X amount of humans to repopulate the human race and begin again the fight with the machines).

Somethings I remember:

Seduces next door female neighbor. I think there was a BDSM component/relationship with her. She asks him why he hasn't used his 'gift' I believe on his family. The MC has no problem using his 'gift' on others but his family is another matter for him.

Has sex with daughter's girlfriend. MC transforms himself into a younger person. I think he meets her at a gas station one day with her asshole boyfriend.

MC has sex with daughter by asking his daughter's friend to bring her by.

Makes his son gay by implanting thoughts. His son is a football player and I think he has sex on the football field.

MC has a private Pacific island he jaunts off to have sex with some island natives. I don't remember if it was in the present day or a few hundred years in the past.

The MC goes to an auditorium where he gives a lecture on sex as part of the final chapter if I remember correctly.

If anyone can help I'd appreciate it.


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