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young guy builds large reservoir on parents ranch ? farm ? property ….. anyone remember this ??? thanks

Replies:   bubbag

Could possibly be Mack by Ernest Bywater



I think so. Two guys--one on the runfromthe CivilWar in Missouri,M the other aveteranof same--meet ons wagon train and become partners. After a series of adventures, they wind up in...Wyoming?...where they meet apairofsisters. They marry and take over the ranch, where they build a dam and makes lake. Lazlog or Laszlo Zelasic?

Ernest Bywater

I think it may be one of woodmanone's Trilogy Western stories, and I suspect it's one of those linked with the story Winterborn or The Trail West while getting this ready I think it's actually in The Gathering which is the 3 rd story in the set.


Try Depression Soup by Wordytom for fills OP criteria.


yes it was depression soup ,thanks

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