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It's been awhile


Story kicks off a lone space cargo hauler. Girl sneaks on board and offers her body as payment. That kicks off his genetic powers. His semen changes women who swallow it to what he wants. Harem develops. He saves the Earth from being destroyed. Gets known as the Lion of the Empire I think. Any help would be appreciated.

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Should be Three meals a day. But don't know about earth being destroyed and lion of the empire, didn't come that far.

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Three square meals!!!!!! Thank you so much!!



Chapter 109 should get posted here today or tomorrow at the latest.

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By Tefler



Tefler posts here closer to the 19th.

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StarFleet Carl


Tefler posts here closer to the 19th.

Well, apparently today was close enough. Chapter 109, now read.

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@StarFleet Carl

well paint me a lier.

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"Is it lier or liar? Even though lier and liar both refer to one who lies, the verb to lie has different senses.

A lier is one who assumes a horizontal position.
A liar is one who tells falsehoods."


I believe he posts first to Patreon before anywhere else

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