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Baseball series-Freddie brumbalow


One of the characters was Freddie brumbalow. Played for the orioles. This is a series about mostly minor league baseball.

Replies:   madnige


Quick Search on "Freddie Brumbelow" gives three Tony Stevens stories:

Whatever It Takes

Juniper Jones

Long Reliever

ETA: It's probably the first you want, where he seems to be the main character, but he's at least mentioned by name in the others (none of which I've read yet)

Replies:   jethro374

The stories are centered around the Baltimore Orioles, although some of them are about players in the O's feeder clubs. Baltimore play ostensibly in the MLB but this year they sold a lot of their players and replaced them with Minor Leaguers.
I'm pretty sure Whatever It Takes above is the story you want.

Replies:   jethro374


Thanks. I was really looking for the whole series but that was the only name i could remember.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame — a series by Tony Stevens



Dang, misspelled name

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