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Body swap


Looking for story where MC ends up sharing new body with the incumbent. Possibly one or more other personas there too.




Off the top of my head.

Lazlong's 'Twofer'
A couple of Sea-Life's stories involve someone sharing with different versions of themselves.
Sea-Life's 'Some Kind of Hero'
Paul Phenomenon's 'Hawk, the Stone Age Spirit Guide' has the MC able to flit around between other bodies since he doesn't have one of his own.

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Thanks for that. I'll check them out and hopefully one will be the story I'm looking for.

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A few more:

Magician's Merger by Xenophon Hendrix

Akkadian Statuette by Zaliterr

Deja Vu Ascendancy by Ascending Author

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Thank you. I'm going to be busy reading. So far, I know it's not Lazlong's Twofer.

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Try this one https://storiesonline.net/s/61539/swap by Ms Friday although it is premier only

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A great story, which I read last week. Unfortunately not the one I'm after, but thanks for your help.

Ernest Bywater


Is the story in a modern setting? I wodner if it may be:


Synopsis: Let's say you are a man of the 21st Century and can leave your body and explore the world as a consciousness or a spirit or an ego, whatever you want to call it. Let's further say that, although you can move into the past without your body, you can't visit the future. What would happen if your body was destroyed while you were visiting the Stone Age and you found yourself stuck in the far distant past without form or substance? Meet Hawk, the Stone Age Spirit Guide.

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