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The Lottery by Dark Vision.

Is it coming of age?

It really doesn't specify who is the main character or is there multiple main characters?

If it is, can someone direct me to a coming of age story where the main focus is only one single main character.


I've never read The Lottery but here are a few of my favorite coming of age stories:


Very long but worth the read.


This one almost lost me with some of the under 12 characters in the beginning but more than makes up for it in the end. Probably my favorite SOL series.


Another long one (noticing a pattern yet?) and unfortunately unfinished but one of the best none the less.


Another unfinished but great story.

You should have plenty of reading from this list, I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.



I've read most of them although i did not finish or skipped.

I probably am one of those readers who put themselves on the MC's shoes and perspective so i can't take the 'cheating' part since i would invest my own emotion into reading.

Do you have any other coming of age that really doesn't revolve around romance? A sexual conquest type of story would be nice.

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Try one of the stories by SmokinDriver. They are all coming of age and dwell on success rather than romance.


*cough* The Wolf Summers *cough*

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Bad cough you have there.
Who wrote that exceptional novel ? :0)

Hey, blow your own trumpet while you have the chance. Something 10 years old isn't as likely to be recommended partly because so many of us here are old farts our memory doesn't last that long.
(and thank you for reminding me of it's existence).


Re theoriginal question: "The Lottery" - Is it coming of age?

Yes,it's a coming of age story series that is about a group of young people. The Lottery is about a Michigan working class family that hits it very big in both the lottery and in their friends who help them all become accustom to the changes in their lives.

The second story, "Lady Guinevere", is about a group of friends and families that become engrossed in salt water fishing for bill fish.

The third and unfinished story, "Unique Adventures" brings the families in the previous stories together.

For one single character story, let me suggest a few. Ernest Bywater has any number of good offerings that qualify, but my favorites are "Finding Home" and "Odd Man in College." Try JRyter's "Country Boys Can Survive" universe and his "The Man from Eagle Creek".

Russ Hoisington"s Uncle Randy and an Angry Niece" is a coming of age story of a different flavor.

That should keep you going for a while.

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Incest as a different flavor. A concept to deal with. Its all a matter of taste.

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