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I Blame Old Age


I asked Richard Shagrin about this in another forum but I'll double my chances of getting an answer by asking here, too. Woman divorces husband then turns daughter against him. At the daughter's wedding, the family patriarch and the wife's sister try to set thing right between their daughter and her father by revealing the mother's duplicity. The family patriarch has the habit of ending conversations by saying "Capital, capital!"

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c'est la vie by denham forrest - https://storiesonline.net/s/76346/cest-la-vie

here's the link to your question/answer - https://storiesonline.net/d/s4/t3611/father-daughter-reunion#po68664

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"C'est La Vie" is it. Thanks. It's a really good read for anyone who's interested.


Agree. Excellent story.

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