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Does anyone know what happened to Don Lockwood ????????

i was wondering if there is chance he has finished "REWIND"
anywhere else ???

Replies:   AmigaClone  DFLRunner

Unlikely. I seem to remember a post from him, maybe on his Yahoo group, that he was unlikely to finish that story - ever. Too personal and too much pain, I think. At least that's what I remember.

As for what happened to him? Life. I think remember reading that changes in his circumstances meant that he put writing (at least erotica - I have no idea if he writes anything else) aside.



He is currently retired from writing erotica, but there is a chance he might return in the future.

As tendertouch mentioned, the last note from him about Rewind indicated that at the time he thought it would be unlikely to be finished. IF he returns to writing erotica and finishes it I would expect a radical change in tone.


He became rather jaded after his divorce. For more background, see above.


thankyou all,for the info.

all the best



I borrowed a couple of lines from Eddie's eulogy for Beth when writing my eulogy for my grandmother - the part about not only her being in a better place, but the world around us being a better place because she had been in it.

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