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Looking for two stories


First story:

I don't remember a lot of details and I hope
someone has recently read this story or it's
one of their favorite.

The MC inherits a house from his uncle or
maybe grandfather. Everything else went to
his aunts or others. He either finds or knows
that the house has a laboratory. He then
finds his uncles lab notes and builds a
gate/wormhole/vortex to another earth/planet
dimension. He gets and old truck and uses
it as the vehicle to go through the gate.
On the other earth he find they value different
medals than his earth (They may have lots of gold
but not much copper). So he start trading with

He also finds his uncle had a force field that
would only allow MC to get into the house.
His uncle thought the government might
come after him and take what they wanted.
He had a way for everything to self
destruct if the government got in or
he wanted it to.

The MC find one earth that is not as populated
or an area he likes that has no one around.
He build another house and lab to escape to
when he needs to. After he does have to
escape to his new world, one day his uncle
shows up and he finds his uncle had done
the same thing on a different earth.

Second story:

Young man (maybe 18) lives with is parents
and his grandmother also lives there.
His grandmother walks in on him in the shower
and sees him masturbating. When they see
each other she falls an hits her head.
She has to go to the hospital, and the
parents are pissed off when the find out
what was going on when she fell.
She starts call her grandson by her dead
husbands name and telling her daughter in
law that she does not like that she makes her
and her father in law sleep in separate
rooms and she is going to start sleeping
with her husband. The father is pissed
at his son and tells him that since it
is the boys fault that his grandmother
is hurt he is going to do whatever it
takes to watch after her or he will not
pay for him to go to college.


NO 1 is by Howard Faxon https://storiesonline.net/s/15467/uncle-eds-surprise

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Thank you that looks like it.


Probably not this one, but somewhat similar:

Story: https://storiesonline.net/s/55742/grandson
Author: https://storiesonline.net/a/TheMoose63

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It's not the right one, but looks worth reading

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