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Winning the genetic lottery


Boy lives in a house with staff. Father is gay and only stops in once in a while. Comment of I won the genetic lottery and I'm not giving g it up. Also a conversation of what would happen if someone challenges his dad not being there was answered that his dad sacrifices his wants and doesn't bring his lifestyle into the boys house.


Set Fire to the Rain by ElSol.


Bingo. No clue how I forgot that one.


Holy crap... I broke my 'lost story' cherry.

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Was it good for you? :-)


Well, I don^t know how it was for ElSol, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading a story I never else would have tried.


A Lost Story Threesome!

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Hey El_!

Do you have any plans to write any more Curandero or Energy Wizard stories? Works in progress? I'd love to read more, and I'm sure I'm not alone. :D


Energy Wizard -- Yes.

Curandero -- No, I will remove the note... there really is nothing left to tell in that set. The third story never coalesced as more than a way to throw Devon Lee in a story and she belongs in the final Institute story anyway.

Have been writing in reddit's writing prompt but my free time has entered the black hole called parenting a toddler and an employer integrating multiple companies, where I am the only tech not being a whiny bitch about it.

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Toddlers grow up and leave for college, eventually. As long as you don't add a lot more toddlers, you should have more time in about 18 years. Integrating sounds like calculus. Unless you have to get them to racial equality. I suspect you can't pass the physical for being a whiny bitch. Drink more wine, you'll have less to whine about. Or beer, that works too. Managements tend to believe their subordinates can work miracles, and get upset when they don't. The difficult we can do immediately, the impossible will take longer.

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