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Story about a brother and a sister...


I'm looking for an old story about a brother and a sister.

One of the scenes is that the brother invites a friend to come have sex with the sister and after the friend has sex with her, the brother then hasn't sex with her too in front of the friend.

And another scene is the end of the story where the sister is babysitting and invites the brother over. The sister has sex with the boy she's babysitting while the brother is playing with his ass. And then the brother ends up having anal sex with the boy. I think the final scene is the sister has sex again with the boy and let's him cum in her. Showing the brother that she loves the boy.


You're probably thinking of Brittany by Steve Jensen. I'm not sure how old it is, but probably late '80s to mid-90s.

In the version I've seen, the brother, Rob, is 15 and his sister, the titular Brittany, is 13. The first chapter is loosely what you describe with the friend, chapter 2 is the babysitting. The kid being babysat for is 11. There are also later chapters in the story, but it's entirely possible that you recall an early version.

Back in the BBS days it was common for authors to append new chapters to existing material and reissue the full text. It was also common for other authors to rewrite a posted story with minimal changes like names, ages, sizes, relationships, etc., so there could be multiple version of the same story.

The story is not on SOL. Normally I'd recommend looking for it on ASSTR in one of the old archives or collections, but the site is a bit difficult to use these days. On ASSTR, go to the FTP, then select Collections > Old Joe's Collection > Incest > Mr. Double and you should be able to find Brittany as a text file.

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You're amazing!!! Thank you!!!!

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