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It's about a story where the MC is the son of someone powerful, i think someone in a seat of power, like senator maybe and he was sleeping with women.

Ive only read it months ago so im not sure but what im sure is that he's a son to someone in power and he probably wants to be independent or something.

I'm betting that it is a coming of age story i think.

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MC: Master of Ceremonies? Military Cross? Main Character?
We have some pretty good mind readers on here but someone being the son of someone powerful is reasonably common and a male sleeping with women is common as muck.
What country/planet? Town? Current or historical? Long or short story (ie one chapter or a hundred)? Other characters involved / mentioned - doting or hating mummy? siblings? You say "coming of age" perhaps; guestimate starting age and age when story ends (I assume it has been completed?)



I'm not entirely sure because when i read it before i only read the first few chapters and i remember reading he had a dad for a senator or someone in a position where reputation is important.

I also read that he is sleeping with women and i mean women as in older than him.

It's probably more erotica i guess?

A story closer to that would be the story of coming of age about a boy who went to college in usa whilst his father was a usa diplomat in japan.

Edit: is there a way to look at the history of the stories i read?

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Ernest Bywater


MC: Master of Ceremonies? Military Cross? Main Character?

On this forum, and many others, MC is used to either mean Main Character or Mind Control - in this context I'd go with Main Character



Too few details to find your specific story but here's one close to it that I enjoyed. https://storiesonline.net/s/76726/nick-high-school



The diplomat one is Nick in High School, as mile high said... The other might be Stone Inc? It's just the start, but a good start of a story.

Another that is incomplete but leaves in kind of a good place is Friday Night Lights.


This might be "I Feel Lucky" by cmsix (https://storiesonline.net/s/54639/i-feel-lucky). It's unfinished with 82 chapters available.

The premise is that the 14 year-old male protagonist is the son and presumptive heir of a very wealthy lawyer who has political connections. This gives the youth wealth and power, but also a requirement of acting appropriately and not drawing attention.

He uses these advantages to seduce a number of women, and in later chapters develops mind control abilities.

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