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"bovilas" or somebody similar.


I like to read the story again even if it's unfinished. it's a do over the result of which he became a lead singer in a hs school band and then went on to matriculate at boston college.


The story you're looking for is "Rewind" from Don Lockwood.




One of the best, from a great author. Is he still writing?

Replies:   ElDani


I don't think so.

The author has his own yahoo group, which was created a long time ago when he was still an active writer. He replies there every now and then, but the latest sign of life is from February 2014.

The last time he talked about his writing was in regards to the lack of time for writing fiction during his college education, which he finished by graduating in 2013. He then became a teacher. After that? No idea, I just took a quick look over there to see if I could find any recent news about him.


Don (aka FD, for those that remember) is still alive and kicking, just wrapped up in real life. He's vowed to get back to writing.

As for "Rewind" - the death of his brother caused him to stop writing the story. From 2008, he says: "Rewind in particular is tough, because of the death of my brother. It's a bit too personal right now for me to write. We'll see." We just have to respect that his brother was his model for one of the characters and he can't go there any more.


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