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Lesbian romance in high school involving abuse by one father


I've been looking for this story for quite some time and hoping somebody here can help me.

It's a longer story, potentially in several parts about two girls in high school falling in love. There are some very erotic sex scenes, but it mostly is story driven.

The father of one girl has I believe a dojo or other martial arts studio and that girl is pretty good at martial arts. The other girl lives alone with her alcoholic father (I think) and is abused by him. There is a pretty graphic scene, in which the first girl saves the second one after she has been raped by her father with a bottle.

If I remember correctly it ends with the abused girl moving in with the family of the martial arts girl. Perhaps even an epilogue set in college. I believe the entire story is set from the point of view of the martial arts girl.

The story might be a spin-off of something else, or it might have some spin-offs itself, but I'm not too sure about that. It is also possible that the name of one of the girls is perhaps Becky or something similar, but I could have easily made that up.

Thanks to anybody who has any ideas what that could be!

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Becca the Beast


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Thank you so much! That's exactly it!

I am actually astonished that I could somewhat remember the name...



Just FYI this capture is better, the other only works up to Munchkin Chapter 10:


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