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Looking for four sci-fi/fantasy stories.


I'm looking for several lost stories.

1. A world in which the genders live in separate societies (and are at war) is nuked to slag by the opposing sides. A few shuttles escape to their habitable moon, one with a young man, one with a pair of young sisters, and a third with two members of the female military.

2. Two teenagers are exploring an old mansion when they are possessed by the ghosts of a brother and sister who were secret lovers and wish to resume their affair. The climax involves the teens discovering the bodies of the siblings, murdered by their abusive father, preserved, and separated by glass to torment them for eternity.

3. A brother and sister find a magic McGuffin (rings, coins, or a black cube) that allows them to stop time. At first they use it to steal, pull pranks, and have sex without getting caught. Later they decide to force their shitty, drug addicted parents to clean up by locking them into a bedroom while the siblings clean up and repair the house.

4. A young man finds a genie but she is so cruel and treacherous (due to mistreatment by all her former masters) that he decides he has to be super careful in his wishes. He wishes for lasting good health (a second thing I forget) and then wishes for the genie to be reborn as a human who will be beloved by everyone. Later he begins a relationship with a beautiful neighbor woman and a pair of burglars show up looking for the genie.

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#3 is by Young Thinker - either Coins or The Rock or something like that. They've all be removed at the author's request.

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There are actually two separate time stop series by Young Thinker, one with a rock and one with coins.

The Coins-based series has five parts named Coins (2005); A Quest for Peace (2010); My First Touch (2010); Time, Pass It On (2009); and Living Cornerstone (2015). I'm not sure why the 4th has an earlier date, but that was the series order. Stories are in the word range of 21k - 26k.

The Rock series had three stories: Jamie's Turn to Pay (2005), Getting New Parents (2008), and Nabbing the Pedophile (2008).

The Rock, Getting New Parents is definitely the one where they lock their parents in a room while they redecorate the house, but there might also be a similar scene in another story.



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#2 kind of sounds like Harding House by Wandering Lanes. There was another story something like it but all I can remember as to who it's by is that the author is one of the first few listed in his letters author list and I don't think he had many stories. Isn't it strange the way your brain associates thing?

For some reason my post was linked to Zellus and it had nothing to do with his. The other one was C. Sprite's The Spirit Is Willing but it isn't as close a match.

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