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"The Formula" lost story


Hey Folks,

I am looking to refind an old story which I am not sure was here on SOL but may be on ASSTR somewhere, though it may surprise me and be here. At any rate this is a massive saga over the discovery of a mind control/manipulation formula. A genius father invents it and on his death passes his legacy to his son but the father requires the son to learn and pass through a series of trials to gain his access to the formula.

Along the way he gains access to a Mother/Daughter team who are programmed with periodic messages for him and are subservert to him that will mostly go along with him for most of his journey. As things progress he finds that he needs the formula to help his sister Cathy who otherwise will destroy people and herself.

At any rate does this ring some bells with anyone? I am leaving out oh roughly 2000 or so other women and the casts of shows like Baywatch amongst other things but it should be enough to tickle a few memories of folks here.


Replies:   robberhands


My Inheritance by E. Z. Riter.


Damn that was fast.... and very right I knew right off looking at the opening words it's the one I was looking for.

Thank you very much @robberhands

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