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2 lost and can't find stories


Thought I had these stories in my collection, but can't find them and don't remember the title. 1st young man not sure if he gets transported back to the fifties or not. finds gold in Canada. Is polish i think. His father helps him buy the land after he puts a whupping on him. has a sister that dies because of cleanliness or something like that.

2nd story not much remembered but his dad was a cop, hight have been a rapist and an abuser. he and his grandfather i think run him off. the family makes it good.


Can't help with the first but pretty sue the second is Abort/Retry/Ignore by Futurist



Thanks hawke83 one down and one to go


Think the first one is time by John Wales.

Replies:   grandad_rufus

Thank you lorrainedalby_1 I think this is it. I will have to read the story to be sure.



lorrainedalby_1 8/6/2018, 10:39:14 AM
Think the first one is time by John Wales.

Yes it is - I happen to be reading it at the moment


Regards G_R

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