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Do Over type story


Hi, I read a do-over type story a while ago where a mid age guy gets put into a body of a teenager. There are aliens who are "god-like" but talk more about energy becoming more organised or less organised. They promote it getting more organised. The body he goes into isn't from the same time line but is a child that when he dies is given a choice to be a hero but doesn't take on the challenge. They give the main character to take on that challenge or "move on". I didn't read much but I suspect he gets Hercules type demi god powers. His adopted parents in the new body are a gay doctor and socialite mum not interested in sex due to a traumatic past...
I'd really appreciate it if someone can help out. It is a well written story.


that is demigod i think and it has not been updated in months.


Are you sure it's not the Energists series by Al-Canadian. The protagonist gets tapped to help the aliens move on to another plane of existence, then gets returned as a teenager to a different body, while getting some extra powers and maintaining contact with the aliens.

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