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A young man has a condition that makes women wanna fuck


Title.. and as far as I could remember, his semen makes them crazy


Not sure if it takes semen to make women crazy. I mean who wants to spend hours arguing over which color of pink is the right one for that dress? And no dear, that dress does not make you look fat!

Now guys on the other hand are another story. I mean who does not agree that the larger the engine the better in any vehicle?

Or that jacking up the 4x4 pickup so you need a stepladder to get in is not great? Really, especially when the date is wearing a short skirt. Of course, I met those boys in the driveway with my 12 gauge when they came to get any of my crazy daughters.


awnlee jawking

Cum Master by Ivan the Terror? Not on SOL.

I read one I considered superior here on SOL but I can't remember the title/author - IIRC the protagonist actually had misgivings about women being addicted to his cum.


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Lucky Tickets maybe?




@awnlee jawking



Oh i might know this story. Is it an ongoing series will gave to look at history when i get home.

The Demon Whisperer


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