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The main character is a young man his family's moving from up North somewhere to Washington State I guess he has a sister his mom is half Cherokee his dad is some kind of traveling sales guy he gets engaged two family that lives closest to his place and that family moves with him also there's like three or four families that moved in this town he does a lot of trapping in the winter time they hook up with a wagon train somewhere around St Louis headed west his sister meat a young man and they fall in love I think she gets kidnapped by Indians and her brother has to Hunter down and get her back if anybody can help me locate this story I'd appreciate it thank you


Is that Wagons Ho https://storiesonline.net/s/44905

Regards G_R

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Looks like a mix of several stories including Wagons Ho! and Lucky Jim..


Ernest Bywater




Sounds like Lazlong's 'Wagons Ho!' (most of the description) and 'Wagons Ho! -The Early Years' (Tess is kidnapped and Jase has to rescue her.)

Replies:   popec5371


That's it thank you so much I hate when I can't think of a name to a story that I read thank you all have a good weekend



thank you

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