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I just finished reading the

The Power

by Elsol and I'm looking for simiy stories also if anyone knows if it will ever be finished please

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L SOL has stopped writing fiction to be posted here. So has ELso! Most of the time the name is El Sol. Which might be Spanish for the sun.

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Mark Twain had a comment about opening one's mouth and removing all doubt...

Before trying to derail the thread with bad puns, it would at least be polite to wait for someone to give the guy a straight answer.



You could try the following which have similar codes:
Child Magus by TechnicDragon
Perchance to Dream by FantasyLover

I haven't read either story though. Also ElSol has 43 other stories on this site to peruse.

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Dominions Son


Child Magus by TechnicDragon

Child Magus is the second story in a series (currently at 5 stories).

You'll probably want to start with New Magus


Thanks just started the series it looks interesting

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Latikia has written a couple of stories with some similar themes. There are several others with characters generally having some combination of mind-control and telepathy powers, accumulating harems.

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