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Lottery Winner


My recollections...
1. MC is a British (?) lottery winner.
2. Sees a girl (Polish?) in an amateur porn that is a Doppelgänger
for an old girlfriend who either left him or died.
3. Hires her for a world cruise.
4. Eventually marries her but not before sampling her
girlfriends with her permission.
Either on SOL or Lit before it's depressing descent.

Replies:   Jedd11

Raven Soule's Tycoon. Still unfinished, alas.


Thanks for the suggestion, but, unfortunately, that is not the story I was looking for.

Replies:   limab


Hmm, You're right I jumped the gun. Sorry I "knew" the answer and didn't read your post correctly.



Sorry, I would also have thought Raven Soule's Tycoon. If that's not it, I don't know. Could not agree more about Lit's depressing descent though. It's gotten truly awful. Good thing SOL is here.


Thanks for the attempt in assisting me with my"sometimers " problem. Perhaps I will remember more details and try again in the future.


Possibly All about Gisele by Argon. It does hit some of the topics.



An Argon I haven't read but will add to my "to read" list. Again, unfortunately not the story I was looking for.
My only other recollection of the story I'm searching for is that the MC was depressed with the loss of his girlfriend or wife that either left him or, most likely died. He spent quite awhile searching for the amateur porn actress (Doppelgänger) before finding her. It was an amateur porn with an old boyfriend and a one time occurrence.
Thanks again for the suggestion.

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