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Lost story.


In the story the guy is kind of like an outsider. A girl in college has made him a joke. She later finds out that he is very rich. Her mother works for his mother. The girl slowly starts to change and become good.


Reads like Learning Curves by Jay Cantrell.


Agreed. That sounds exactly what I remember of Learning Curves.


Another story with similar details -- bitchy college girl tries to become a better person to date the guy she used to make fun of -- is Revenge of the Nerd by RPSuch. However, in this one it's the girl whose family is rich, so it's more about what she's willing to give up to pursue love.


The Outsider

There was another recent story which started with the main character findings girl drunk and covered in her own puke and they eventually began dating.

Do you guys remember the title?

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awnlee jawking

@The Outsider

The Bitch by Mister NiceGuy?

Currently in progress but becalmed (see his blog).


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The Outsider

@awnlee jawking

That's the one, thanks.

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