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Brother and Sister discover father's incestuous past after he dies


What I remember:

1) Multi-chapter story
2) Adult brother and sister recently lost their father and found a journal of his from his childhood/adolescence
3) Father's journal starts up after his father died and he, his mother and his sister move into their paternal grandfather's estate. Incestuous relations between the three develop (can't recall one way or the other if the grandfather ever gets involved with that).
4) The adult siblings reading the journal are inspired to become an incestuous couple themselves.

I have looked and looked and I can't find this story on here. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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awnlee jawking


I'm not familiar with the story but it sounds like something RICHARD the THIRD (aka Richard King) might have written.


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@awnlee jawking


It is two bad that Richard didn't decide to be the Second. Every man is a Son and has a day, Sonday. But the Richard's the two have Twosday as well.


Richard the third was a hunchback,is he trying to tell us something


I can't find anything of his that matches what I'm looking for. Thanks, though.

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