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Cheating Wives - contains car racing


I think this might be one of StarStang's stories, but I haven't been able to locate it.

I'm fairly certain that the MC's wife cheats on him, and he drops her. He ends up falling for some big wig lady who is into car racing. Her father is the CEO of some huge company, and thinks the MC is beneath her. I remember MC feeling uneasy about the women's racing, because I think she said that she'd only sleep with someone who'd beat her in a race, and she drops everything to race anybody (but she never loses, except to the MC at the end).

Thanks in advance.

Replies:   junior15

This one has parts of what you are looking for, but not sure if it is the one.


Try this one. It is one of StangStar06's.


@junior15 Many thanks, that's the story. I see now that I took elements of another story in my description. Maybe I'll find that other story some day again, but no biggy. Survivor's Remorse was what I was looking for.

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