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Lost story - road trip


Looking for a lost story that involves older teen male (16-18) who convinces an older college girl (18-20 who used to babysit him) while at a party in his family's backyard to allow him to join her and her friends on a road trip (ie spring break or mardi gras type of break).

I think they went to Florida or Texas and while there, all have to share a room. There's scenes where she notices his physical changes (ie bathroom changing/swimsuits) and a pool scene where they put sunscreen/oil/sunblock on each other which turns both of them on and then she gets a bit jealous when he meets a girl closer to his age in the pool.

Later, they go dancing at a night club and she sees him petting and some oral action with the younger pool girl behind the dance club and realizes that she is jealous of him and wants to become involved with him. The finale has them getting involved with each other back at the hotel room.

Overall, it's a story where she reluctantly and slowly comes to realize that this slightly younger guy is the one for her and how they end up together.

Thanks for any assistance in figuring out this story.


Some possible other details:

The party in his parent's backyard could have been his birthday and the girl tells him about the upcoming trip while they are chatting about what's going on in each other's lives.

She picks him up early on the morning of the trip and they all fit in her small car for the drive.

I'm not sure if it was here or on lit that I originally read the story.

Again, thanks if anyone has any ideas about this story.


This sounds like one of Wizard's Trailer Park stories:

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Thanks for the suggestion. Really appreciate it. Unfortunately this was not one of the Trailer Park stories.


Still haven't found it. I've tried searching ASSTR (but that is a horrible system to get accurate searches done) as well as on SOL and Lit. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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That's why I rarely go to ASSTR anymore. They have 2 or 3 different search systems and all give different and incomplete results.

The only time I use it is to check Horndog's Swarm page. Once in a great while a new story posts there but not here. Although they're getting fewer and fewer.



Can't you use Google (or equivalent) to search ASSTR? I thought the site permitted it.





You can use Google to search any site, but it's one of the advanced search commands that most people don't know about. The format is "site:SITE TEXT" with no space between the colon and the site. The site can be as specific as you want, so:

site:asstr.org seventeen

would look for the word "seventeen" anywhere on the site, while:

site:www.asstr.org/~Kristen/01/index01.htm seventeen

would look for the word only in that one directory of that archive.

It's a neat little feature once you get used to it. I find it especially useful on reddit, where the native search feature, while not as bad as ASSTR, leaves a lot to be desired.

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