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Long lost story


Hey guys looking for a story. It is a sci-fi story.

The main protagonist is a male who retired from military. He used to guard the royal family of a star system. Stopped because the girl in the family tried to stop him from being shot. There is a reporter that discovers him while he is heading home and they start getting hunted by people trying to kill him. Reporter girl and him get together and he joins back up with the royal family.

I know that quite a dump of info and there may be a few stories similar but if you have an idea I'd appreciate it thanks.


Retired by Brootforce on xnxx

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The author is Sean M. Campbell.


Prey to Predator by Ka Hmnd

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Emperor's Bodyguard also by Ka Hmnd has similarities to this as well.

The Outsider

It looks as if the author cross-posted its n numerous places... I read it on Wattpad where the pen name was GrimThor3.

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