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In early 20th century 1930s or 40s
Guy with Balance Problems
High school rape gang
Quite violent with broken bones

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Although I can't remember the title or author it's worth noting that it has been posted fairly recently. (last 6 months or so)


Jack be Nimble by aubie56?

awnlee jawking


Jack, Be Nimble by aubie56?



That s it
Thank you


Early 20th Century? That would be 1901 to maybe 1920. Then Flappers, Depression and World War Two. Then middle 20th century. I might buy early middle 20th century for 1930/40. Middle would be 10, maybe 20, years before and after 1951. Say the 1941 to 1961 period. I am using 1901 as the starting point for the 20th century as it started that year. 1900 is part of the 19th century, since there was no year zero, the first century started at year 1 and ran through year 100. The second century AD (after death, or year of our lord in Latin, anno domini) started as year 101 began. And so forth and so on. I may not have spelled the Latin phrase correctly. My spell check likes "annoy dominoes".


Speaking of annoying dominoes, have you heard Fluffy's bit about his cell phone automatic spelling correction lying for him?

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