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Young actress/High School boy


Here's what I think I remember about the story I seek:
A young actress is coming to live in the town and will go to the local high school. She and a high school boy get romantically involved. Then she gets caught up in Hollywood scene and mostly forgets about the high school boy. IIRC, they reconcile in the end, but I'm uncertain about that.

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That sounds a bit like "Transcending the Role" by Don Lockwood

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Thanks for the reminder.
That would have been amongst the first of the stories I read when I first came to SoL. From what I can remember, a very good short story.


What was his former pen name?


We don't use his former name any more, because Don is now a teacher, and it wouldn't do to have a student or parent idly search on his real name and have his erotica stories come up.

Send your email to lanmanager@gmail.com if you really want to know.



That's It! Thank you very much.


Another story you might be interested in is "In Her Genes" by Argon. It's about a young man who is involved in a traffic accident with a young actress they start a relationship and things happen. It's a very good read if your interested.


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Thanks. I'll read it.

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