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Lost story duh


Guy is sent to Cuba to start a business meets a local girl maybe married her at the end


Havana Club. It is by Strickland83. I believe it was pulled from SOL some time ago but is available on ASSTR along with it's sequel After Fidel. Also, his story Yellow Lambswool is very good.

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They, along with several of his other stories are available as commercial books, I believe on Amazon but am not for sure.


Have I got news for you: has both stories in one pdf. is an older copy of the asstr directory but most links simply point back to asstr.



After Fidel

I couldn't figure out how to use ASSTR. Can anybody give me a precise location for "After Fidel"?

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I just did. The first of those two links in my previous post.


Despite what his web page at ASSTR says all of both Cuba stories and Yellow Lambswool are available there. The page only shows the first two chapters of each Cuba story but at the end of Ch.2 there is a link to Ch.3 and so on. It also says YL only shows a teaser and you'll need to buy the book but the teaser is what I remember as the full story from when it was first posted, unless he added more after it was pulled.

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Chapter 3;

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