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Looking for story


If i remember correctly it's starts with a woman who goes to her priest about her son's mastrubation, and the priest suggest she must take his seed in her body to save he's soul.


I think this might be the story. https://storiesonline.net/s/10825/if-in-doubt-consult-your-pastor-incest-sex-story


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That's the one. Thank you very much Lonny


That plot premise just stretched my suspension of disbelief to the breaking point, then took the pieces and fed them into an industrial chipper shredder and threw the ground-up bits and pieces into a medical waste incinerator. Bwaaaaahahahahaha!

Invid Fan

There's an old story by The Story Teller called "Tommie Has an Owie" with a similar plot. Young looking 12 year old gets erections, but mother knows masturbation is a sin. Thus, she does it to save him from sin. What I have is unfinished at 12 chapters.

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@Invid Fan

Did not find that one.

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Invid Fan


I'm not sure where my copies came from. The headers say this version was posted to alt.sex.stories on May 10, 2002. I can't find it searching ASSTR, but that means little.

Read through the fourth chapter (it was posted in 4 chapter segments), and as I thought it too has a priest giving his blessing.

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