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Poor guy gets rich & then...buys an ialand


A few years back I remember reading a story of a guy who gets into money & somehow ends up buying an impoverished island in the Caribbean. He starts bringing the locals lifestyles up to decent levels. The island at one time was controlled by druglords & they left behind a small underground complex. He was somehow on the good side of the French & was able to hire a French Foreign Legion unit for security & even set up for allowing Legionnaires who were retiring to move to the island. I remember that it was an excellent story but can't remember enough to dig it up.


The Protector by Terriblethom

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THAT'S IT! I'd forgotten how long ago it was written, I remember sending feedback in when he was posting it. I just didn't go back far enough when I was looking. Thank You Greatly! For financial reasons I had to drop down to the free membership & lost my library.

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