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Mind Controlled Teen Mother's Class


There was a story a while back that opened with a teacher instructing a new mother's class at a local high school or college. She used some pheromone or drug to change the girls perspectives of how they should raise their kids and and how they themselves should act in society. The girls were given homework to bring the effects of the drug home to their families and friends to change them as well. I specifically remember that one of the teen mothers had a twin sister that was attending the class to support her sister. When the teacher gave everyone else homework she gave the twin a different assignment, to clean all the panties in her house with her mouth until she could recognize the flavor of each woman in the house.

It's been years since I read this story, just hoping it's still on the site at this point. But any direction would be greatly appreciated.


This sounds like 'Adventures of Jade' by Hummmvee.



Thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it wasn't Adventures of Jade. I'm familiar with that one.

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