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Looking for a story where some of fighter pilots are from WWII and tells some of those they are against that they have over 500 years experience between them.


I'm not sure, but maybe you can find something like that in some of stories whose are part of aThe Swarm Cycle universe


Check out 'Watch on the Rhine' by John Ringo & Tom Kratman. I believe that is the one where a lot of WWII veterans from both sides are rejuvenated to help fight aliens.


Sounds familiar four pilots British, German,Japanese & American.
Also dialog with a group of female pilots called the apocalypse squadron. MC flying through Sol system listening to Paint it Black. I'm drawing a blank on the title & author.

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awnlee jawking


Accidental Commander by TonyG?



The Destroyer's series book 3

by Monbade

Mixed up the stories TonyG has MC listening to Paint it Black.

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