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Looking for a story


It is about a man who is in suspended animation and when he wakes up he is in a dinotopian future

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Ka Hamnd has several stories on this theme.


Ka Hammond has several stories with suspended animation, in both SF and Fantasy genre. However, I don't recall any dinosaurs in those stories.



Are you sure the word you want is dinotopian (presumably based on the books with humans and sentient dinosaurs) and not dystopian (an unpleasant future state)?

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I thought the OP might have been being clever and meant a blesh of utopian and dystopian, in which case Al Steiner's A Perfect World would be a good fit.



books with humans and sentient dinosaurs

The only one of these I can think of is the dead-tree Toolmaker Koan, but in that it's not the Humans in suspended animation, rather the dinosaurs.

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I googled dinotopian, being curious as to whether the word actually concerned dinosaurs, and was directed to a wikipedia page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dinotopia , which gave details of a set of books by author/illustrator James Gurney. That's why I queried if the word Helix wanted was dystopian instead.

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