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Hiking the Appalachian Trail


Didn't Wes Boyd have a story about character (girl?) hiking the Appalachian Trail. Anybody remember for sure and, if so, could you share the title? Also interested in any story about hiking the AT.

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I think that was one of the storylines in Dawnwalker but I can't remember for certain.


Definitely Dawnwalker also in Homestanders.

A link to his Wiki here.

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Thanks, guys. I'll re-read Dawnwalkers. IIRC, it's pretty long.

Ernest Bywater

You should check this page


I think you may be thinking of part of Rocinante


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In Wes Boyd's stories, IIRC, at least 3 different characters hike the trail. Much of the hikes is "offscrene" but referred to in multiple stories, at least 4 or 5.

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@Ernest Bywater

Thanks. That's a big help



Thank you!



at least 3 different characters hike the trail. Much of the hikes is "offscrene" but referred to in multiple stories

The Gravengoods, in Rocinante, just a short section of the trail, on-screen. Unlike everyone else, they got involved in doing trail maintenance as part of this, which becomes important later in the series as Mark gets drafted into helping with the North Country Trail in Spearfish County; his standards of maintenance are crucial to events in The Birdwatcher Hill Fire.

Crystal, in Dawnwalker. Nicole, also in Dawnwalker, twice; first a section with Crystal, then the entire thing with Jackpine. Jackpine, clearly, in Dawnwalker with Nicole. Mixed on-screen/off-screen.

Scooter, referred to many times, but not on-screen.

Duane MacRae, in The Homestanders, off-screen for the most part.

Randy and Jason both hiked either the start or finish of the trail with several of the others previously mentioned. On-screen.

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Thank you!

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