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Into the Shadows #1 Blind Sight


any similar stories tnx

Replies:   madnige


From the Forums front page:

Story Recommendations
Looking for some type of stories? Would you like to recommend a story? post here

Lost Stories
Read a story in the past but lost it? Post your description here and somebody may be able to help

Five of your six postings to this forum should have been in the other, and in the one remaining posting you also requested recommendations which should have been done by starting a new thread in the correct place.

But, to answer your request, apart from Vlfouquet's other works the only thing that I think feels similar that I can remember is Niut de Loup's Uncertain Magic on Lesbian Lolita on ASSTR, though most of the environmental details are different.

Replies:   samuelmichaels


Well, Dual Writer's Chuck Johnson stories have some similarities.

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