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futurist author


hi anyone have any idea what happened to him. i know grimiore said he had talk to him in a posy a while ago but was wondering if anyone had heard form him. not sure if this where this goes or not please let me know if it is

Ernest Bywater

Futurist is alive and well, and when not busy at work or at home he hides out in an IRC chat room with Jim, Mon and I - well that was true as of 2 hours ago, but he may have blown up his city since then.

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@Ernest Bywater

I run a very small IRC net (just one server):
All are welcome to visit. Futurist is a regular, as is Ernest and Monbade... Oh, and myself, too, of course!

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@Ernest Bywater

that good to hear. i was worried, do you know if he is still writing and if so he plans on posting? if you dont mind tell him thanks for all the stories and thanks for his service in the marines.

edit -
thanks for irc link ill drop by sometime then and thanks and ask him in chat.

Ernest Bywater

sorry, I don't know. I get the impression he's too busy with life


@Ernest Bywater

IRC chat room

What means IRC?

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Michael Loucks


What means IRC?

Internet Relay Chat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Relay_Chat



what are the best times to meet everyone there?

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Ernest Bywater


what are the best times to meet everyone there?

People are in and out all day long due to some people being from different parts of the USA and some weird guys from Australia, like me, are up at all odd hours of the day. Many of us have the chatroom up all day and duck in and out at various times.

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