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Lost story from 2000's


I admit that I have been frequenting this site for more years than I care to admit and the story in question is most likely in the "Premier Only" section.

The story is about a successful day trader that meets a younger woman in the convenience store his sister owns. They have a lot in common and begin dating and fall in love.

The sequel has the couple separated and the man was found in a fugue state (following 9/11 attacks I think). They reconnect.

Thanks to anyone that can help.

Replies:   Gauthier

I think wes boyd got no namethough

Ernest Bywater



picking up the pieces


the man was found in a fugue state

Yes, but this is about it for description matches

Not a day-trader, but an editor
Not a younger woman, but a couple of ex-classmates
No sister
Not in a convenience store, but in one of the rescue centres
Not a couple that's separated; his wife rides one of the towers down, so no reconnection, and the classmates and relationship building come after 9/11
No sequel to PutP (it's part of the Bradford Exiles series though); PutP starts with 9/11

Good story, but not the one requested - and I've no idea what that one is.



Selena and Joe
And the sequel
Selena and Joe: an Improbable New Beginning by Pettybox

Replies:   soho


That is it!!!

Thank you so very much.

It was like an itch in my brain that I could not scratch.

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