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cyber-security series


This was a series of stories I read not long ago, but being an old fart, have already forgotten. Original story was about a security expert (had contacts and worked for various government on a contract bases). I THINK caught his wife cheating and gets some revenge and divorces her.
meets and marries another,she has has sisters who become mc's in other stories. I remember that a daughter becomes a master hacker and does some jobs for another guy in the security field, saves him, and marries him.

a little help please


Sounds like D. T. Iverson's series.

One Exceptional Family universe.


that is it thank you


Where can i find this story cause i checked under D.T.Iverson's name and they are not there



D. T. Iverson'

One Exceptional Family — A Universe from the Mind of D.T. Iverson
This is a series of stories written at different times and for different reasons. They are tied together by an extended family of women and the men they love. Each story adds something to the overall picture of exceptionalism in daily life and every effort is expended to keep things real.





After I opened up the universe listed in paliden's reply. I was able to open D.T.Iverson's author's page fairly easily. I then bookmarked the page since it looked like s/he has several stories I might enjoy.



I had been going to ask if you had any filters set up that would block stories with the relevant codes from appearing, but when I looked at the stories to see what codes might cause problems, well, consensual, romantic, and some sex just didn't seem like likely candidates to me.

YMMV, of course. ;)

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