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A Story about sailing and Australia


There was a story that I enjoyed reading some time ago - a guy is out sailing a single-handed boat and he stops in an Australian port to refit. Meets a girl. Next day, when he has left port, he finds out that she has sneaked aboard. She decides to stay and it is the start of a nice romance. Any help with the title would be greatly appreciated.

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Capt. Zapp


Sounds like one of Old Man with a Pen's stories. MCs David and Wendy?



I don't think this is the one, but it is somewhat like it, based upon your description.

The Nonentity by tedbiker.

It's a good story, anyway.

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I remember that story but and am looking through my files to see if I can find it. I thought it might be The Wanderer / Denham Forrest but no luck so far.



Thank you for the link to Nonentity by tedbiker, I enjoyed reading it this morning.



I believe that the story you are looking for is "Stowaway To Forever" by Silverhawk who has removed all of his work from the site. If you are really hung up on this story I have it on my hard drive at home.

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I'd be interested in knowing if that is correct, I recognised the plot but could not find it in my downloaded stories.


Thank you for that link. I don't think it's the story I remember but I was not the one looking for it.
I wonder why Silverhawk left.


An enjoyable variation to those stories is Blanche Tickle Girl by Wes Boyd. A bit of a tear jerker at the end.

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Blanche Tickle Girl by Wes Boyd


She doesn't stow away, but is invited. It is spur of the moment, though, and what develops from that is not foreseen by either of them.

It's the second of a series of four [at this point, anyway, I don't know if there is another in the eight books Wes had prepared prior to his death], but you don't need to have read the previous one, as the MC of this work only shows up in the last chapter of that volume, and what occurred then is covered at the very beginning of this volume.

And Australia is not involved. They do sail from Eastern Canada to the Mediterranean via Denmark, and then back, so lots of sailing. And a very nice romance.

The ending is a tearjerker, as boydpercy warned, but not unexpected; none of this walking across the street hit by a bus garbage, it's legit.

And there are loose threads as a result, which are dealt with in the following novels, so be warned, if you do decide to read it, and enjoy it, there are two more after it, and then you might want to read the first in the series, and after that, why, Wes wrote a bunch of books; 51 already published, the 52nd currently being posted, and eight more in the pipeline after that.

If you find you like this one, you could be set for reading material for quite some time...

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