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aliens transplant bob as a sky spirit to prehistoeric world.


Ive been reading this older completed story about an old man named Bob who was contimplating suicide to join his dead wife, and is recruted by an alien named Barbara to go on a mission to a prehistoric world to help lead the humans there to live in peace and harmony.

Unfortunately after the site reset my 24 hour setting, my internet reset and I lost the page I was reading and I cant remember the story name or even who the author is.

Other hints: bob and barbara call themselves sky spirits, several clans of cro-magnon and neaderthal humans come together to live in bobs cave, bob adopts a rescued girl and re-names her Angel, bob ends up with 8 or 9 mates.

Any help finding this story would be greatly appeiciated .

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Sounds like a Barneyr story. He has Angel Bob in more than one, but I can't recall the title offhand.

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Thank you so much ustourist.

That is the author, and the story I am reading is "Bobs great adventure". You made my night much happier. Thanks again.

Dominions Son


I'm pretty sure it's this one.




"Bob's Great Adventure" by BarnyR

He has lots of good stories to read so instead of just linking the story I am going to link the blog page for all of the stories by him.


The story link if you don't want to look at the rest is:


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